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Fatherhood Training

Do you want to start a fatherhood program? Do you want to grow your fatherhood presence in the community or learn effective tools and strategies to impact community fathers? Allow us to train you and your staff, 

  • Staff

  • programs

  • government agencies

  • non-profit

  • start-ups; etc

Man2Man University

Current Session

Oct 2, 2018 - Dec 4, 2018

Man2Man University is a peer to peer support group for males and fathers.

  • Round table discussion format

  • weekly meetings

  • food provided at each session

  • Transparency amongst attendees

  • Different topics are discussed each week

  • All men are welcome (race, creed, religious affiliation)

  • Ages 17 and up

  • Strategies are given to empower and equip men for success

  • Resource information readily available (employment, child support, family counseling, partnering agency information; etc.)


is a program established for non-household fathers and their children that reside in Genesee County and the surrounding areas. IMPACT is designed to combat the appalling plague of the effects of fatherlessness on children in Flint. Historically, children who face fatherlessness have an increased disadvantage in all areas of childhood including, but not limited to: 


financial sustainability, food insecurity, education levels, inclination to drug activity, teenage pregnancy, and are twice as likely to drop out of high school. 


In the IMPACTprogram,

  • fathers attend a series of bi-weekly workshops for 7 months where they learn effective parenting and successful life skills enabling them to engage their child(ren) and develop healthy socialization skills. 

  • They will attend one session per month without their child(ren) and one with their child(ren) accompanying them. In the sessions without the child(ren), 

  • facilitators will teach well-designed parenting techniques and successful life skills, as well as facilitate discussion topics.  In the sessions with their child(ren), 

  • facilitators provide a safe place for open dialogue and demonstrate skills necessary to connect with the child(ren). 

  • Fathers are assisted with employment preparation and leads, child support rears, legal matters surrounding child support, custody and parenting time orders .

This newly defined connection strengthens intergenerational relationships. Outside activities are also assigned for the father and child(ren) to experience together, thereby increasing the relationship and IMPACTing the life of the child(ren). The program will take place over an 8-month timeframe and we will service 25 fathers and their child(ren). Contact us today to see if you qualify for our services.